Life Interrupted

“I don’t think the way you think.  The way you work isn’t the way I work.  God’s decree.  For as the sky soars high above the earth, so the way I work surpasses the way you work, and the way I think is beyond the way you think.  Just as rain and snow descend from the skies and don’t go back until they’ve watered the earth, Doing their work of making things grow and blossom, producing seed for farmers and food for the hungry, so will the words that come out of my mouth not come back empty-handed.  They’ll do the work I set them to do, they’ll complete the assignment I gave them”  Isaiah 55:8-11 (MSG)

Since I started school back up in March, I’ve had to become incredibly strict with my schedule and routine.  Trying to fit everything I need and want to do with school in the mix was going to be challenging, but my type A personality and major organizational skills would make sure it would definitely happen.  Here is what my week looks like and has looked like for several months now

Monday – cleaning day!  Yes – I’m a crazy person and clean my entire, almost 3,000 square foot home in one day!  How long you say???  Oh just about 6ish hours and the family does help out, but I’d much rather have the rest of the week to take care of other stuff then spread out my cleaning through out.  I make sure though that I make time for a workout and cooking dinner in this day…oh yes – it fits!

Tuesday – Bible study day!  I decided about when I started school that I didn’t have enough chaos going on in my life so I thought I’d open up my house to a bunch of awesome women with amazing little peanuts who would destroy my newly cleaned home in 2.5 hours!  (Did I mention that re-cleaning happens Tuesday afternoon?)

Wednesday – Only day off!  But not really, because day off for me means I can do all those little things that I didn’t get to in the rest of the week.

Thursday-Saturday – SCHOOL from 9am-8pm (I’m a crazy person)

Sunday – Church in the morning and menu planning/ grocery shopping in the afternoon and yes I am that completely nutso woman in Costco you see on Sunday afternoons when you’re casually there with your family after Church to have a Polish dog and I look like a half crazed zombie that has a coffee in one hand and 5 samples in the other!

So you see every minute of my life right now is scheduled and timed perfectly to fit in every task and job I need to take care of.  I don’t really have time for interruptions and yet isn’t it so God to purposely orchestrate an interruption in our life to remind us of what’s really important!

Today is my Monday…my crazy cleaning day and out of my better judgment I made the decision to see a client this morning at 10:30 and I figured I would get to cleaning after my appointment with her.  I spent the good portion of the morning getting ready for her arrival, (I’m an Aesthetician and will work on people out of my home).  10 minutes prior to her arrival she cancelled…to say I was irate would be an understatement and I can’t say I’m proud of how I handled myself but there went 2 hours of my precious time that I would’ve been and should-be cleaning!  Michael encourages me to move on and just get going on my house responsibilities so I sit down to re-group and I very clearly hear the Lord say to me, “Offer a free facial to your neighbor, Barbara” (I changed the name for anonymity) Now – I was not feeling very excited about this suggestion because I was a little peeved at my neighbor for something and had honestly been harboring some not so great feelings.  “NO” I plainly told God…number 1. I am not happy with her right now, number 2. I am not doing anything for free and number 3. I should be cleaning!  “Invite her to come over for a free facial” God stated again.  Now listen, I have gone around the “I’m not listening to what you say” mountain with God several times and I know where it leads and so I obeyed.  I texted her thinking she’d say no and I could get off the hook and get on with my day but she instantly texted back that she could use it and has had some tragedy in her family and is feeling worn down.  I told her to head over!

When she walked in the door I immediately swept her off into my room, told her to get comfortable and I would be in to give the treatment.  I honestly thought that she needed some relaxation and so my plan was to simply give her a calming, quiet, no talking facial/massage and then whisk her away so I could finally clean my dang house!  I really didn’t feel it was my place to pry into what was going on in her personal life.  I walk back into the room and she looks at me and says, “I think we just lost power”.  And in fact, our entire neighborhood lost power which meant I couldn’t do the treatment…ok God, I’m at a loss now – what in the world are you doing???

She tells me it’s ok and she slips out of the bed and heads to the front door in which I proceed to tell her let’s do it later when power comes back on and I’m so sorry.  I hesitated but I looked at her and just said that I was sorry things weren’t well and is everything ok?  She looked up at me, her eyes completely filled up with tears and she said, no, no they’re not.  She then started sobbing and sharing that they had just gone through not 1 but 2 deaths in their family within the last month and yesterday was one of them and they came home last night from watching him pass.  At this point I’m crying and hugging her and apologizing and in that very moment I realize it….I realize why my appointment was cancelled and why Barbara was laid on my heart and why I was asked to give her a free facial and why we couldn’t do the facial…it was for this moment!  It was so I could cry with her, hug her, love on her and listen to her.  We cried together for about 5 minutes, she shared details and though I didn’t need to hear them, I think she needed to process….I listened.  We grabbed tissues and I asked her if I could pray for her.  She jumped on the opportunity, dropped her phone and grabbed my hands and then pulled me in, wrapped her arms around my body, buried her head into my chest and started sobbing.  This…this is life interrupted!  This is what it looks like when God has another agenda that is far greater, far better and far more beautiful than my mundane checklist of my day.  I prayed, I prayed hard and God used me, me of all people to pray over this beautiful person that needed God and me in that moment of her life.  I learned an important lesson today,  I need to always be available for interruptions in my day and always be ready for God to ask me to do something even if it doesn’t fit into my plans and my agenda.  Thank God I listened and I obeyed, I was richly blessed and rewarded and honored to be a part of something so much greater than myself.

Heavenly Father, thank you for today, thank you for the opportunity to be available to the hurt, the grieving and that you used a humble servant like myself to join you in your plan and agenda today.  I ask that you would always make me available and open to whatever is your will and your plans are that impact the eternal and serve a much greater purpose than my own.  In your precious sons name, Jesus..Amen!

Love to all of you,



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