The “Why”

Hey friends!  I’m so honored and excited that you are here and are wanting to walk this journey with me as I stumble through this God driven desire to write for Him and encourage others through my writing.

Years ago God placed it on my heart to journal our time together, to slow down and be still enough to actually hear his voice and then write down his words in my journal.  As the years have passed, it has been so incredible to look back on those journal entries and see how faithful and true to His word He has been in my life.  They have served as a well source of living water for me in dry and parched seasons.  As a follower of Christ I have had a strong burden on my heart about the lack of intimacy we experience as believers with God and questioned how I can possibly share the visual of what that looks like for me.  Back in the fall God really started pressing on me to go beyond my journal writing and start really writing….like writing stories, events, experiences and daily struggles.  I’ve ignored Him for a while and recently he’s been actually waking me up at night giving me scriptures, thoughts and words that I believe He wants me to share and encourage with.  I can’t ignore Him anymore, I’ve got to be faithful just as He’s been faithful.

So, what’s this blog all about?  What’s the whole thing with “Unfiltered & Free”???  Well, let me ask you first, what does that mean to you?  When you think of “Unfiltered” what does that stir up in your heart?  For me, it’s packed full of so many things and I hope to touch on all of them as I really believe it’s a problem we face today in our culture.  I believe God is calling us to live as the person He created us to be…..fully exposed, fully vulnerable and completely reliant on Christ as our true identity, it is in Him that we discover who we are and yet, I can be the biggest poser and totally portray myself as something I’m not! Sometimes I find myself putting so many different masks, or “filters”, on myself through the day that by nightfall I feel like I’m questioning my authenticity in so many areas of life.  Besides the emotional and mental faker I can be through the day, I also feel that in our beauty crazed culture there is a whole level of “fake” and “filtered” that needs to be addressed here.  Now let me just get really honest with all of you….this IS one of my biggest struggles!  I work in this industry and my attention and focus is all about skin care, health, physical beauty and I’ve really had to weed through the garbage and lies out there about who I am and who I am not!  I don’t have it down, it’s a daily struggle and it’s something I have to multiple times a day pray about.  Being “Unfiltered” means to me, let’s get real, let’s get raw, let’s get vulnerable and exposed and for me…that is so refreshing to think about, (ok and slightly scary).

The “Free” aspect is just as simple as it sounds and yet why do I struggle to live it out every day???  We are FREE in Christ, we are no longer slaves to (fill in the blank).  That blank can be anything and I believe we’ve allowed ourselves to be enslaved and in bondage to many things.  For me, just to name a few; guilt, vanity, legalism and control are just a touch of the things I deal with.  But…here’s the great news, not only has God told us that we are no longer slaves but free in Christ,(Gal. 5:1), He has also told us that we have the mind of Christ,(1 Cor. 2:16), power of Christ (Phill 4:13) and the ability to take captive ANY stronghold and thought that is set up against us (2 Cor.10:3-6).  I don’t know about you guys but that gets me excited!

Heavenly Father, thank you for the person behind this screen, thank you for their desire to know you more, to create more intimacy with you and to live a free and unfiltered life.  I ask that you would use the words on my blog to encourage, support and bless everyone that reads them…It’s in your name I do all things ~ Amen

Much love to you my friends!




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